Blue Tattoo

The music on the first song on this album "Breakin Up And Leaving Day" was written by Hilde Fjörtoft from Ålesund in beautiful Norway and then the clever lyrics are mine. It came out a very good song. When Tommy Detamore had put in the solo after three verses I think I played it over and over again and Bobby Flores, the fiddle wizard, said he to loved the song just as much. And that was after he had been paid in full. Song number 7 "Driving nails in my coffin" also came out as a perfect Bluegrass number. Special thanks to Randy Lindley on the banjo and his partner Amber Digby for the background singing. And the titlesong "Blue Tattoo" by Teri Joyce came out just as good And then as always..ALL THE SONGS !!! are good. Do not hesitate !! Please order right now.

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