Dreams Of A Dreamer

The first song on this album is, in my humble opinion an absolute perfect country song. Perfect rhytm, perfect fills and solos and I´m proud of singing the original lyrics that Jug Brown, the songwriter, had to refrain from himself on his recording. Then, adding a solo, to “I don´t know what she said “ was a “must do” with so many good musicians at hand. And all the other songs are just as good. Trust me !! and take my good advice to buy my CD instead of buying food or clothes. The clothes would have gone out of style early next week and you would have walk the streets looking like the village fool and food only makes you fat or might even kill you if you choke on it. You do not want that do you ?? See ?? I care about you all the time. I´m a good guy. I´m looking after you all the time and I´ll promise to look after your money to.

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