On The Beat

To whom it may concern. Hi There!! Oh how I wish there was a way I could  express my appreciation and thankfulness to all the good folks that have helped me making this my second album. Especially now that the US Mail so carelessly seems to have lost all the checks I am almost certain I sent off. But maybe if I let some pictures of them in on the cover and then write out their names in block letters it will make them just as happy. Maybe it will also cheer them up if I added som pictures of my T-bird, racehorses, motorboat and girlfriends not to mention my mansion on the hill. Just so that they can see that all their talent and skills were not in vain. Then of cource I have more or less planned to send all of them a copy of what we did. A free!! No charge!! album. What the heck ? It´s onley money! 
  For, You, all the nice people buying this album, I hope you like it,
and if that´s so, I strongley recommend that you buy also the
previous one: "New Sheriff in Town"
All the best regards from your friend
   Bo Luckee

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